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What's Soothing You?

Updated: Jul 12, 2023

As a young adult and even still today I love listening to music. I am naturally artistic and attentive to notes, sounds, beats and everything that makes up the composition of the final sound. Not only do I love to listen to music, but I love to listen to it loudly as it soothes me. I want to feel every hit, every base line, every beat drop; I wanted to feel what was being sung and the creativity in the music behind the lyrics. This is because I am enamored with everything about music. I've realized that when I am captivated by anything, I desire to be around it, feel it and understand it. This is the same way I feel about being in the presence of God. When I am in His presence, I want to hear Him clearly, feel Him, understand Him; He soothes me. I know there are several things that we find soothing, but whatever it may be soothing you, ask yourself, "Is it conducive to the life I desire?". Some find comfort in ice cream, others may find comfort in sex, others find it in shopping, just to name a few. But I want you to think about it this way; whatever it is that you are allowing to soothe you, controls you. What are you allowing to rock you to sleep at night?

No matter what it is, I want you to ponder on the idea that comfort comes with a price. Everything is temporary but God is eternal. His love for you will never fade nor will it ever end. He is where I find my comfort and He is the only thing that we can never have too much of. So, I encourage you to examine yourselves. Is there something or someone you are giving permission to soothe you right into a path of destruction. An unintentional, overlooked snare that is waiting to overtake you. Whether it be in your mind, your caloric intake, your finances, or your spirit. Always remember that your soul is too valuable to lose to a temporary fix. So tonight, meditate on the life you desire and envision everything that is hindering you from getting there. Make up in your mind to shake off all that is catering to your comfort and withdrawing from your goals in life. Is your comfort today worth your soul tomorrow? God forbid!

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