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Selfless Love!

Wonder and awe are the words that describe how I feel this time of year when meditating on the life of my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Envisioning His birth, the humility and service in His life and the gruesome death He endured; it all makes me ever so grateful. It makes me smile and desire to yield all that I am and all that I have to Him. It makes me recognize, that the only way to respond to an Almighty. All-powerful God is with my obedience.

As we celebrate Christmas, I know that there are several debates about the time of year in which Christ was born. Even those that feel that Christmas has become commercialized and non-effective. My stance is this- I choose to celebrate the birth of my risen King and Savior. I choose to give gifts as a symbol of my love and appreciation for all He has done for me and for those around me. In doing so I do not to remove Christ, but I expose Him. Giving is but a small glimpse into the heart of our God who chose to give us EVERYTHING! In Him, we see what a giving heart and selfless love looks like.

He gave the gift of redemption and eternal life. He gave himself to be given as a ransom for our sins. He gave His spirit to lead and guide us, ensuring that we shall never be alone but forever covered and kept. Not because we are so special and surely not because we deserve it, but because love has always been His gift to us and should forever be our gift to others. Romans 12:10 says...

"Be kindly affectioned one to another with brotherly love; in honour preferring one another.".

This means that we are to prefer others over ourselves and in doing so, we show forth the love of God in the earth. This is why I celebrate Christmas, and this is why I celebrate Christ! I know that we could never beat God giving, but we can show others His love in ours. This Christmas, remember to celebrate Christ with a life of obedience and gratitude; continually praying for each other. In doing these things we show others what he selfless love of God really means.


On behalf of Lekecia Fordham Ministries LLC, have very blessed and Merry Christmas.

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