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Only a Seed!

Updated: Aug 7, 2023

Have you ever planted a garden? Whether it be a garden of flowers or fruits and vegetables, I am always amazed at the time and dedication it takes in vegetation. It is a tedious chore but if done right it will yield both beauty for the eyes and sustenance for the body. But every phase in the preparation process requires time. It takes time to till the ground, time to plant the seeds and even more time to water and cultivate that which was planted. It is a process, but the time invested is always worth the harvest. One notable thing about planting is that we only plant the seed of what we expect to grow. Though the seed is small and only a portion, less than a fraction of the complete product, within it lies everything needed to create more. It is the source needed to create a new and complete product. Life is in the seed.

God is of the same order. God only needs a seed. With just a simple seed of belief, you can reap a mighty harvest. The bible tells us that if we have the faith as the grain of a mustard seed that we can move mountains (Matthew 17:20). God doesn't need you to plant an apple to get an apple tree. He doesn't expect you to plant the entire watermelon to reap a watermelon harvest. He doesn't need you to present Him with your formulated plans, nor your strategies. God only needs you to plant your seed of faith to see the increase. When you are praying and don't yet see certain things happening for you, your seed of faith is God's reminder that in time, you shall reap if you don't give up. Remember, faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen (Hebrews 11:1). Just as we plant a natural seed to reap a natural harvest, we are to plant a spiritual seed to obtain a spiritual harvest. Your belief is your seed of faith. Plant it in the city of your soul, water it with the word of God and cultivate it with a life of patience and obedience. As children of God, we do not need all the answers, we just need to know the one that has all the answers, and every planted seed shall produce in its own time!

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Lekecia Fordham that’s a sermon honey preach my sista…thanks for that seed sometimes that all you need is that little something to keep you going… thanks for all that you do for me… I really do appreciate you… may GOD continue to keep you lifted up!!!🙏🏽😃💕


Love it… test


Lekecia Fordham
Lekecia Fordham
Aug 04, 2023

I’m so humbled that these messages are being such a blessing to you all- To God be the Glory!!

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