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The Thief Called Life!

A thief is one of the most cunning people there are. They do not approach you in aggression; they prefer to operate incognito. The word thief defined is a person that steals secretly and without force. They usually appear and are gone before you even realize that something was taken. I pray none of you have ever encountered a thief, but if you have, I'm sure you would all agree that this is a deliberate act of cowards that result in feelings of anger, humiliation, vulnerability, and violation. These feelings are often followed by a defensive attitude and a determination to completely protect what is yours. Once you've experienced loosing anything to theft, you will fight tooth and nail to avoid if from happening again.

So, what about the thief called life? Certain challenges and changes that we face in life have come with one purpose in mind; to steal what is yours. Devastation, fear, loss, anxiety are only a few heart-wrenching obstacles we will face in this earth and if we are not careful, these situations will steal everything that we hold dear. It will steal our peace, our joy, our strength, our commitment to Christ and even steal our minds. If we do not bring the things we say, our emotions, and our actions under subjection we will slowly find ourselves feeling void and victimized by life. God knew that we would face things that are trying and at times overwhelming. For this purpose, He left us a comforter in the form of the Holy Spirit. When we yield to the Spirit of God and allow it to lead us and guide us, we will forever be watchful of the vigilant. We will be on guard against the subtle maneuvers from this thief called life and recognize when it is taking our stuff. The Bible tells us to watch and pray... (Matthew 26:41). We must remain prayerful, keep our spiritual eyes open and our hearts yielded to the Spirit to recognize when the thief is lurking and cast him out. Cast him out of your minds, cast him out of your home, cast him out of your mouth. Life is a gift and a blessing from God and He desires that we live full and abundant lives in Christ. So, when challenges come, as they will, don't let life's issues steal anything from you but make up your minds to defend what God gave you. Allow life to teach you, better you and build you up to be all that God called to be. You only get one, make the best of it!

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