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Power Posture!

A few months ago, someone posted a picture of a young lady, possibly a second or third grader at her graduation ceremony. This young lady was sitting upright in her chair with her legs crossed as she clutched a folder in her hands that she held close to her heart. It was almost as if she was saying, “This is my day. I deserve this and I won't miss it”. She had her head held high, she was attentive, engaged and did not miss a beat. She was not concerned with anything or anyone around her or what they were doing. She was focused solely on what was before her. When I saw this young lady, all I could think was Power Posture. This young lady exuded power even as she sat in her chair and her focus on the stage shined as bright as her beauty. She was not distracted nor deterred.

I've come to realize that the situations that surround us become smaller when we shift our focus to the glory that’s before us. Our eyes and ears will become fixated on the present and not shaken by the past. Our posture should reflect where we expect to go, not where we currently are. Are you in your resting in your power posture? Are you being diligent, vigilant, mindful of your next chapter? Imagine how much we could accomplish when we were to sit up, look up, perk up and wake up. The possibilities are endless because we serve an all-powerful, all knowing and all-seeing God. Today I want to encourage you children of God to settle yourself in your power posture and watch God’s power be revealed in you. Just look up, power up and LIVE!

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