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One Way!

Updated: Jul 31, 2023

Have you ever made a wrong turn down a one-way street? In downtown Charleston this all too common. It’s easy to get turned around and mistakenly end up headed in the wrong direction. The initial feeling is fear. With cars approaching you head on, the loud honking of their horns and others yelling at you as they look at you in disbelief, it’s easy to panic and lose control. It is a terrible feeling as the average person does not desire to harm anyone, nor cause harm to themselves. Take it from me, getting turned around can be quite scary. So, how do we avoid getting turned around in God? How do we stay on the right road and headed in the right direction? The Bible tells us that there is a way that seems right unto man, but the end is death (Proverbs 14:12). There will always be things in place that are designed to get you off the right road and ultimately lead to your demise. Detours and diversions created to distract you and to force you to turn down that that wrong road; roads that leads you into damnation and despair. If ever you find yourself following any path other than the path that was created and forged by Jesus Christ, you are headed down the wrong path and on the wrong road.

It’s easy to get turned around when you are not paying attention to the signs around us. The signs that warn us to yield, stop, slow down or danger ahead. These signs are set in place to keep us safe and preserve our lives on the road. God also has signs in place for us to know that your life is not in alignment with who He is. Warning signs of sin, unforgiveness, anger, hatred; all signs of the perils of darkness. When these things rear its ugly head in our lives, it’s a sign that we must repent and turn away from the things that separate us from God. This is how we find our way and with correction we can proceed in the right direction down that one-way street. God lets us know that there is only one way to righteousness, one way to holiness, one way to His Kingdom and one way to Heaven. Jesus is the only way. In Him there is a place of peace and solace knowing that all signs lead to our protection, safety, power, provision, and ETERNAL LIFE! In Him, we don’t have to worry about turning the wrong way down any one-way street. Christ is our way, the right way, the only way. Jesus is the one-way!

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