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I Need You!

Recently, our church (Power House of Deliverance Ministries) hosted our first annual Women's Conference. We were so blessed to hear from powerful women of God that ministered to our souls through the Word of God. They spoke life into us, restored us, and reminded us that we are Daughters of Zion! We are special to God and loved by Him, so it's imperative that we walk in our God-ordained calling and purpose in the earth. Not only were we encouraged to continue to pursue Christ, but we were all reminded that no matter our races, our backgrounds, where we fellowship or our anointings; WE NEED EACHOTHER!

It was so beautiful to come together with so many beautiful ladies that desire the same thing; to be better. The unfortunate reality is that though we know each other, talk to each other, even fellowship with each other, we never really know the burdens, hurts and pains the next women is carrying. As I watched the various women as they were ministered to and listened as they ministered to us, I felt a transformational cry within me. A cry for others that are hurting, that are broken and that are hungry for God and for God's mercy. I realize that we all go about our lives and at times we feel so alone that we are literally fighting to keep it all together. Sometimes we don't know how to express what we feel or even what we need, but it's in those times that we should simply fall into the arms of Jesus and let the spirit make utterance for us.

Galatians 6:2 says "Bear ye one another's burdens, and so fulfil the law of Christ.". God did not intend for us to walk this life alone. We must remember that someone is out there hurting and in need of your prayers, your hug, your words of encouragement and yes, even your correction. Ladies, whether single or married, we still need each other. It's ok to rely on others and it's ok to be relied on. Realizing that we need others is not a form of weakness, it is a sign of wisdom. We must be there for one another and committed to lifting each other up, not tearing one another down. The world does enough of that to us, let's not do it to each other. This conference has shown me that I cannot do this alone, and I am convinced that neither can you. I need my prayer partner. I need my friends and family. I need my church family and my pastors. When it's all said and done- I need YOU!

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11 de nov. de 2023


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Andrea Parker
Andrea Parker
10 de nov. de 2023

perfectly said and so true.

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