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Failure was never intended to be a muzzle, but a bullhorn!

Updated: Jul 5, 2023

Have you ever dreamt that you were falling? Plummeting into darkness, for what seemed to be an eternity? In those dreams I could not speak, nor could I scream. I only fell. The good news is that I eventually awaken to this thing called LIFE! Similarly, like my dreams, sometimes I feel that very same way in life. At times, I feel as if I cannot say the things I want to say. I want to scream, but I cannot, for the fear of appearing insane, and all the while the sense of falling is ever-present. I've personally had so many of those dreams that it began to feel like it was my destiny... to fall and keep falling. So, when I say that falling was not new to me, I do mean it. Somehow, the fall as uncomfortable as it was, could not compare to the failures I endured while awake.

I know we say that mistakes are a part of life and that they're inevitable, but it feels foreign when you're going through it. It's uncomfortable, it hurts, it's painful. I've made so many mistakes in my life that I felt like I was falling all over again. But unlike the dream, I have control. WE have control and we must take control. Although we love the Lord and desire to please Him, there will be times that we do not please Him. There will be times that we disappoint others and ourselves. Thank God for a merciful Jesus who loves us and when we call on His name in sincerity, we will be forgiven. So, I want you to know one thing. The only way we suffer a true loss, even in our failures, is when we allow it to silence us. Others may need to hear about your failures, maybe it will prevent them from falling into the same pits. On the other hand, your failure is still a tool that can be used to equip and educate you, for the things you may face in the future. Either way, it can only make your better, if you don't allow it to make you bitter. I encourage you to Speak up! Someone else may be falling and in a dark pit that seems never-ending, and your voice may be exactly what they need to wake up!

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