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 Beautiful Lies vs. The Ugly Truth:

Escaping Bondage and Embracing Freedom in Truth


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This book is what I call a "Quicker Picker Upper". It is a short read that shines light on the tactics of the enemy as he tries to stop us as the people of God from becoming all that we can be in Christ. It reveals truth and reveals that even our ugliest truths can be liberating in Christ Jesus. 

The ugly truth about ourselves and our situation is no surprise to God. He knew us before we knew ourselves and He still chooses to love us and use us for His good pleasure. He is the master builder and as with every builder, He will place within you and around you, all the tools, materials and the foundation you need to be successful. We must rely on Him to escape the bondage and embrace the truth. 

I encourage you to purchase this book and be blessed.

Your freedom in Christ awaits you!

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